The Lorraine Inn

Things are finally, finally going Lorraine Dantly's way-she's won a country inn!

This was the new start she and her children had needed, had prayed for, after her husband of 16 years had abandoned them.

Lorraine struck out on this new adventure with a dream, and five angry and confused children, a pregnant teenaged daughter, very little money, and a whole lot of faith! She quickly learns that there is a world of difference between winning a country inn and running one, but just as she begins to get a handle on the innkeeping business, something quite unexpected happens - Lorraine finds love again. Unfortunately, he's only a little older than her eldest son!

And, to further complicate matters, her ex-husband suffers a near-death experience and goes on a holy mission to re-insert himself back into the family picture, and he has his sights set on Lorraine.

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